Air Duct Cleaning

The air ducts in your home need cleaning in the same way that your coffee table does. Tiny dust particles live in the air. Whether you examine samples of air from inside or outside your home, you will find that air is made up of more than hydrogen and oxygen. Particulate pollution, as it is called, can occur in the form of smoke, soot, dust, and dirt. It can travel from the outside to the inside of your home through open doors and windows. In some instances, particulates come from the gas given off by new furniture or carpet. Ever wonder how dust manages to settle on your coffee table?

As air flows through your home, those tiny particles land. As air is pushed through the system or pulled through the return vent, those tiny particles are depositing themselves throughout the air system in our home. Therefore, no matter how many times you clean the furniture, dust is still being pushed around in the air.

Health Risks
Air duct cleaning can eliminate some of that particulate pollution that leads to increases in health risks. Professional cleaners go through and dislodge the particles that have settled inside the workings of the air system and use high powered suction to remove them. Without that removal, those pieces of dust, smoke, soot, or dirt are filling the air you breathe in your home.

In some cases, moisture attaches to those particles and can create mold. Though it is difficult to identify for sure if mold has infiltrated your air system and usually requires laboratory testing to be completely positive, microbiological cleaners can be used to treat the system making sure all pollutants are removed. Protective barriers can also be applied after cleaning to discourage their reappearance.

Though the research is inconclusive, it makes sense that if you have a mold or dust allergy, and those pollutants are being pushed through your air system, you are at some level of health risk. This risk would increase in the elderly or very young and with people who have diagnosed lung or heart disorders.

Energy Efficiency
Cleaning the air ducts in your home will not only keep your lungs healthy, but it will also help your heating and air system run more efficiently. Without a build up of foreign agents, the air can flow more freely through the system. A clean system uses less energy to operate.

Due to the possibility of imposed health risks and the certainty of increased efficiency, having the air ducts in your home professionally cleaned is as important as dusting the furniture. If you are concerned about your air ducts, contact the professionals at J&B Cleaning Service

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