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Bacteria and germs are the leading causes of illnesses and diseases. The places that have the most bacteria and germs are offices, daycares, medical facilities, and schools. While general cleaning can get rid of bacteria, it does not guarantee the bacteria and germs won't return. J&B Cleaning offers a special bacteria clean-up that ensures the bacteria and germs stay away.

We are Bactibarrier authorized applicators. Bactibarrier uses a unique, 2-step microbial surface protection system. This 2-step process protects against the harmful effects of bacteria and germs. First, a detergent/disinfectant is applied to eliminate build-up pollutants.After the detergent/disinfectant is applied, a surface protector is used to prevent future microbial growth. Unlike normal bacteria cleanings, Bactibarrier effectiveness can last the lifetime of the surface with regular cleanings.

J&B Cleaning is the right company to call for all of your bacteria clean-up needs. We provide the best treatment and equipment. Don't let bacteria and germs cause the flu and other illnesses to spread, take care of them today.

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Quality Service

Bacteria cleanup is not at all pragmatic with off-the-shelf cleaning products. Without eliminating bacteria and germs, you can never be sure that your building is 100% clean and there are no disease-causing microbes in it. J&B Cleaning is a Bactibarrierauthorized applicator. With our effective cleaning process, you will not have to panic with nightmares of bacteria and germs anymore. And also remember that we are an IICRC certified and BBB A+ accredited company with over 10 years of experience

Proven Process

Bacteria and germs can cause great danger if remedial action is not taken promptly. Our bacteria cleanup process is as given below:

Customer Relations

Bacteria-cleaning is a slightly sophisticated process that requires advanced technology and specialized products. Eliminating harmfulmicrobes out of your building is the crux of this process. Enhancing the customer experience and making the process stress-free is what we always work on while going on with a project. Our trained technicians will handle your property with utmost care and you can be confident that your building is receiving thebest microbial protection service in the industry.


Why Choose Us?

J&B Cleaning understands that there are many options when it comes to picking the right bacteria clean-up company. You want to make sure that you hire someone that you can trust and get the job done right. Here at J&B Cleaning, we are the choice for many homeowners, realtor, and businesses. You may be asking why do so many people choose us over the competitors?

First, at J & B Cleaning, we offer 24/7 restoration service. This means that ourexperienced technicians are ready to address all of your bacteria concerns. Moreover, J & B professionals are both motivated and knowledgeable when it comes to bacteria clean up.

Don’t allow bacteria to affect your home or office. Keep the flu and other illnesses from spreading with a thorough cleaning from J & B cleaning. Contact us to discuss your needs and to receive a cost-effective quote. We are proud of the services and skills that J & B provides, and look forward to working with you.

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Client Testimonials

"I have been using J&B Cleaning services for over twenty years. Their work has always been quality no matter the job. I had used their services for an oil burner puff back I had at my home. They assisted us immediately and took care of the soot damage as if it never happened. Years later we unfortunately had a leak from our gutters after a bad snow storm. Their restoration work was superior and most importantly they handled the paperwork required for the home owners insurance policy. As well they've cleaned our carpets over the years and despite having three dogs, they continue to appear brand new. I would recommend J&B Cleaning service whole heartedly."


"Any organization could benefit from having J&B as part of their emergency response plan. The Bank’s relationship goes back many years and they have helped our organization on a number of occasions. In every occasion the representatives from J&B were on site or in action within hours. They have the equipment, expertise and experience to deal with any number of emergencies. "


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