Hoarding Cleanup

Need hoarding cleanup? Hoarding goes way beyond regular clutter. It often turns a regular space into a dangerous environment. If you’re in charge of cleaning one of these spaces, you may not even know where to start. The entire process can become overwhelming. Don’t worry. That’s where we come in. You shouldn’t have to handle hoarding cleanup by yourself. Let us take care of it for you.

Hoarding Disorder

Before you start a hoarding cleanup project, it’s important to remember that hoarding is a disorder. People who hoard usually have some kind of untreated anxiety. Whether you’re cleaning on somebody’s behalf, or you want to recover from your own hoarding, you must remember that there is a very real reason behind the hoarding.

Why do we bring this up? Because if your cleanup team doesn’t understand hoarding as a disorder, then you should walk away from that company now. Hoarding cleanup is a complex job. You need a team that understands human nuances. At the end of the day, hoarding cleanup is about people, not just stuff. When your team doesn’t understand that, they can cause more harm than good.

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Step by Step

When most people look at a hoarding mess, they just see an overwhelming mass of stuff. We don’t see it that way. As soon as we look at the space, we start strategizing. We have a step-by- step approach that will make your space healthy and safe again. Here’s how we handle the cleanup process:


Large Item Removal

We often start by removing large items. Broken TVs, outdated appliances, large boxes, and other big items get in the way. When we move these out of the space, we have much more room to move around and clean effectively.



Next, we’ll sort through the smaller items, helping you determine which items are worth saving. Valuable items and things with true sentimental value will be cleaned and eventually returned to their place.


Trash Disposal

After separating the garbage from the salvageable items, we’ll dispose of the trash. We use the most environmentally friendly process for trash disposal. For example, we’ll safely remove E- waste like broken computers so that they don’t spill harmful chemicals into landfills. We also recycle whatever items we can.


Biological Waste Removal

Next, we safely remove any biological waste and other biohazards that we find. We can remove all types of human and animal waste. We’ll also dispose of needles and other hazards. When removing this type of waste, it’s important to use the proper disposal methods. Don’t leave anything to chance. We know all of the safe and proper procedures for disposal. Let us keep your environment safe.


Other Surface Cleanup

After we’ve removed all of the garbage, clutter, and biological waste, we’ll do a general surface cleanup. We’ll wipe down the surfaces, getting rid of any dust, dirt, or liquids. This general cleanup prepares the area for our next step.


Bacterial Cleanup

At this point, the space may look clean, but we’re not finished with it just yet. Before we leave, we’ll do a thorough bacterial cleanup. Hoarding often brings all sorts of illness-causing bacteria into a home. If we leave it behind, we leave you at risk. We just can’t do that. That’s why we use our effective two-step process to remove dangerous germs.


Mold and Other Remediation

At this point, we can also perform mold removal and other remediation services. Mold thrives on moisture, and when a person hoards items, he or she often can’t see the places where moisture gathers. As a result, mold can grow to dangerous and even toxic levels. We can safely remove any mold and prevent new mold growth.

Don’t Do It Alone

If we could give only one piece of hoarding cleanup advice, it would be this: Never, ever try to deal with the problem yourself. Like we said above, hoarding goes far beyond regular clutter. If you clean without professional help, you could find yourself in danger very quickly.

Time and Money

People often underestimate the time and the money that they will spend during hoarding cleanup. If you’ve never cleaned this kind of space before, you probably won’t fully grasp what this project will entail. Too many people sink a lot of effort and money into a hoarding cleanup project only to realize much later that they really do need help. Take the faster, more cost- effective route. Let us handle the cleanup right out of the gate. You’ll be glad that you made the right decision.

Physical Demands

Have you ever helped a friend move out of an apartment? Remember how much physical labor you spent on the heavy furniture? Now multiply that experience by at least ten, and you’ll have some idea of what hoarding cleanup can become. The fact is that hoarding cleanup is physically demanding. It requires more tools and lifting power than most people have by themselves.

Health Hazards

We mentioned biohazards and other risks earlier. When you begin hoarding cleanup, you have no idea what you might find. If you’re not prepared to deal with these dangers, you could end up with all sorts of infections and illnesses. If you hire professionals, you’ll get a team with all of the right tools and safety measures that they’ll need to handle these materials. Your team will also know how to properly dispose of the biohazards, limiting future risk.

Bacteria Cleanup

When we do our bacteria-killing cleanup, we use products that you can’t find on a regular trip to the grocery store. Our disease-fighting cleaning solutions are specifically designed for the most infested places. Work with a team that can leave your space as clean as possible.

Why Choose J & B

So, why choose J & B for your hoarding cleanup needs? We can think of a few reasons.

  • No-Shame Cleanup

    We don’t judge you or your loved ones when we clean. We know that hoarding is a complex issue, and we work with discretion.

  • Communication

    We work with you during every step to do what’s best for you and/or your loved ones.

  • Proven Process

    Our methods have been proven to remove harmful bacteria and leave your surfaces clean.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    We promise that you’ll be satisfied with our hoarding cleanup job. We do everything we can to make our clients happy.

Hoarding Cleanup

Need hoarding cleanup? Don’t wait. The longer you wait, the more dangerous the space will get. Call us now for your quick and effective solution.

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Client Testimonials

"I have been using J&B Cleaning services for over twenty years. Their work has always been quality no matter the job. I had used their services for an oil burner puff back I had at my home. They assisted us immediately and took care of the soot damage as if it never happened. Years later we unfortunately had a leak from our gutters after a bad snow storm. Their restoration work was superior and most importantly they handled the paperwork required for the home owners insurance policy. As well they've cleaned our carpets over the years and despite having three dogs, they continue to appear brand new. I would recommend J&B Cleaning service whole heartedly."


"Any organization could benefit from having J&B as part of their emergency response plan. The Bank’s relationship goes back many years and they have helped our organization on a number of occasions. In every occasion the representatives from J&B were on site or in action within hours. They have the equipment, expertise and experience to deal with any number of emergencies. "


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