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Bacteria and germs are the leading causes of illnesses and diseases. In an office, daycare, medical facility, or school bacteria and germs spread rapidly if not taken care of in an efficient manner. While regular janitorial staff does their best to rid these areas of bacteria and germs, elimination of bacteria and germs is difficult. The best approach to avoid things such as the flu from spreading is to have a professional bacteria cleaning done.

What is Professional Bacteria Cleaning?

Professional bacteria cleaning is the process of professionals coming to an office, daycare, medical facility, or school and using special equipment and products to rid the area of bacteria. Bacteria cleaning works differently than regular cleaning due to the specialized equipment.

The specialized equipment penetrates surfaces deeper to get to the source of the bacteria and germs. The cleaning system acts and dissipates quickly to avoid effects on human and animals. Bacteria cleaning does a great job of killing bacteria and germs effectively.

Common Bacteria Cleaning Surfaces

Bacteria and germs can grow anywhere. Some common treatment surfaces are below:

  • Building: wooden materials, flake board, engineered lumber, plastic siding, concrete, and vinyl siding
  • Roof: asphalt shingles, wood shingles, composite shingles, tiles, underlayment, asphalt coating, and wood shakes
  • Insulation: fiberglass insulation, rigid foam, moisture and wind fabric barriers, and panel insulation
  • General: wood, laminate, tile, wallpaper, stucco, fiberglass, and stone
  • Fabric: cotton, fiberglass, silk, wool, polyester, spandex, natural downs, and nylon

Always check with the bacteria cleaning service as additional surfaces may be able to be cleaned.

What is the Best Type of Bacteria Cleaning?

Professional bacteria cleaning can include things such as hiring a professional house cleaner, carpet cleaner, or upholstery cleaner. However, these companies only offer specific types of bacteria cleaning and not the whole package. You want a company that offers bacteria cleaning services that stand out from the rest. There are two options when it comes to specialized bacteria cleaning. There is traditional and then there isBactibarrie. While traditional cleaning is still a viable option, germs and bacteria may return. If you want to guarantee complete elimination of germs and bacteria, you want to choose a company that offersBactibarrier.

What is Bactibarrier?
Bactibarrier uses a unique, two step microbial surface protection system. This process protects against the harmful effects of bacteria and germs. First, a detergent/disinfectant is applied to eliminate the build-up of pollutants. After the solution is applied, a surface protector is used to prevent future microbial growth.Unlike normal bacteria cleanings, the effectiveness of Bactibarrier lasts the lifetime of the surface with regular cleanings.

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You should never leave bacteria and germs untreated. A result of such actions would include the spread of the flu virus and other serious illnesses.Hiring a professional bacteria cleaning company that uses Bactibarrier is the solution for bacteria and germ elimination.

J&B Cleaning is an authorize Bactibarrier applicator. When you hire J&B Cleaning, you can rest assured knowing that we only are using the best products. Furthermore, all of our employees are highly trained and certified. Call us today, at888-666-1496,to have an office, daycare, medical facility, or school cleaned for bacteria and germs.

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