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It’s a terrifying moment when your smoke alarm goes off in the twilight hours of the morning. In the event of a fire, you simply want to make it out, along with any family members,safely.Unfortunately, the aftermath of this experience is often harder to deal with than the actual disaster. Not only does the fire damage your home, but the water used to put it out adds to the damage. Water and fire damage to your home or business can be catastrophic, but there are professionals out there to help get life back to normal.

Fire Damage
If you’ve ever made s’mores by a campfire,then you probably noticed the way the smell of smoke lingers on your clothes and even in your hair.This same effect happens in your home as well. Imagine all that smoke in the closed spaces of your house. The smell of smoke will linger on everything, even if the fire was small or extinguished early.

The smell and damage of the smoke is a primary concern. It is imperative that you take quickly to counter the damage caused by smoke. For most fabrics, the smell of smoke is not the only issue. Smoke can also damage the fabrics that make up your furniture, curtains, carpet, clothes, and linens. Thankfully, you wash most removable items such as clothes and linens and treat them in order to eliminate the smoke damage. However, larger fabrics like your furniture and carpet need special care with equipment designed to remove the residue and smell. Professional cleaning organizations often use specific processes and chemicals to make sure they completely refresh the fabric.

Water Damage
It almost seems cruel to consider, but the very thing that could save your house from a fire also causes immense and irreparable damage. Water damage is one of the most destructive forces in a home or business. Water damage can also come from a burst water pipe or a slow leak over many months. Whatever caused the water damage, the issue needs to be dealt with immediately. The possibility of furthering the damage to property is exponential.

Complications from water damage include mold and mildew, warping, staining, marking, and often complete replacement. Consequently, the sooner a professional can enter the home to assess the true nature of the water damage, the better. In other words, don’t wait until that spot in the ceiling grows. Have a professional track the source of the water to determine the actual damage and set a course for repair.

Water and fire damage is devastating, and both events leave you in need of professional assistance. Whether you are facing water damage, fire damage, or both there are two things to remember. First, professionals are there to assess the damage to the structure safely and accurately. Second, don’t wait to contact them; such assessments need immediate attention. If you are looking for a professional company to help you with your water and fire damage, contact J&B Cleaning Services today at 888-666-1496.

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