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A hardwood floor adds beauty and character to your home. You spend a lot of time picking out the right hardwood for your house. Just like other things in your home, hardwood floor requires maintenance to extend the life and maintain the color.  Hardwood floor maintenance is easy if you keep a regular maintenance schedule.

Regular Maintenance
The first step in maintaining your hardwood flooring is sweeping with a soft bristle broom or dusting with a dry microfiber mop.  When vacuuming hardwood flooring with beveled edges the beater bar needs to be off. Periodically, hardwood flooring needs a professional cleaning either by a professional or using a cleaning product recommended by a cleaning professional.

Below is a maintenance schedule to follow:

  • Sweep or dust mop daily
  • Vacuum with beater bar off weekly
  • Clean with recommended cleaning product or professional cleaning monthly
  • Maintenance coat every 3-5 years
  • Sand and refinish every few decades

Use this maintenance schedule as a general rule of thumb. A more accurate maintenance schedule depends on use, wear, and tear.

Things to avoid
You paid a lot of money for your hardwood flooring, the last thing you want to do is replace them. Along with regular maintenance, there are a few things you’ll want to avoid. For instance, tracking in debris could leave visible scratches on your hardwood floors. To prevent this, add throw rugs in the entryways of your home. Additionally, you want to avoid spilling liquids and leaving them untreated. Make sure you immediately wipe up any liquids to avoid permanently staining your floors.Whileit’s recommended thatyou wax your hardwood floors, you want to watch out for over-waxing as it leads to irreversible damage to your floors.

Professional Cleaning or Buying Recommended Cleaning Products
Monthly cleanings are a vital part of maintaining your hardwood flooring. You can either have this done by a professional or do it yourself with your own cleaning products. However, you want to be careful and only use products that are safe for your floors. Only use products recommended byprofessionalsor you could end up damagingyour hardwood flooring.

If you do not want to risk damaging your floors, then a professional cleaning is the best action. Having your hardwood floor cleaned professionally is a simple and easy way to ensure you take care of them correctly. A professional cleaning also comes with a few benefits.

For instance, your floors gain a beautiful shine that lasts longer. This shine is a sure sign that your floors and strong and sturdy. Moreover, you may clean your floors, only to find out the chemical you used stripped away some of the hardwood. A professional cleaning ensures the correct use of chemicals and long-lasting hardwood floors. Additionally, when you hire professionals, you take the added stress of your plate.Along with these benefits, professionals can also refinish and coat when your hardwood floors need it.

Maintain Your Hardwood Flooring Today
Hardwood flooring adds character to your home. Performing regular maintenance extends the lifespan and saves you money.  While you can sweep and vacuum regularly, professional cleaning is a part of the maintenance process. If you are ready to maintain your hardwood flooring correctly, contact the professionals. At J&B Cleaning Service we strive to give you the customer experience and cleaning you deserve. Contact J&B Cleaning today at 888-666-1496.

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