Wood Maintenance

When you first had your wood floor installed, your floors were flawless. Over time, however, scratches and dirt diminished the beauty of your hardwood floor.

Contaminants can break down the makeup of your flooring if not maintained correctly. The longer you go without a hardwood floor cleaning, the less life your floors have. J&B Cleaning uses safe products that go deep to get rid of all contaminants affecting your hardwood flooring. We extend the life of your floors and leave them sparkling clean.

Pet hair and pollen can be tracked onto your hardwood flooring and get into the cracks of your hardwood floors. If the pet hair and pollen is not treated, the air quality in your home will worsen. J&B Cleaning has the equipment that goes down deep enough to pull out all pet hair and pollen, leaving your home with fresher air.

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Quality Service

Regular maintenance is essential for hardwood floors if we want them last for a longer period of time. J&B Cleaning is an expert in hardwood floor cleaning and refinishing. People usually use water and low-quality products for cleaning hardwood floors. But water can dull the finish and even damage the wood. As professionals, we use high quality products to eliminate dirt andcontaminants off the floor. We adopt scientific methods for cleaning so that the floor is well-protected from damages and also gets extended life.

Proven Process

J&B Cleaning has proven processes that can facelift your hardwood flooring. Here is our process for refinishing a hardwood floor:

Customer Relations

Giving the best cleaning experience to customers is what J&B Cleaning is concerned about. At the end of the day, we want our customers to be happy and satisfied. You can call us anytime because we are available 24/7. We will respond to your call immediately and provide the best cleaning services you can imagine. Our services are executed in a professional manner and we always maintain a friendly relationship with our customers. We are dependable contractors if you are looking for one with good customer relations.

Why Choose Us?

J&B Cleaning understands that there are many options when it comes to picking the right wood maintenance company. You want to make sure that you hire someone that you can trust and get the job done right. Here at J&B Cleaning, we are the choice for many homeowners, realtor, and businesses.

At J&B Cleaning we pride ourselves on customer service. We believe that our success is due to your overall satisfaction. That is why we ensure that your hardwood flooring never dulls or loses its beauty. We have years of experience and satisfied customers to back up our claim of ensuring the best wood maintenance around.

You may have questions when it comes to your wood maintenance such as how much wax you should use. All of our technicians have the knowledge to answer questions like this and all of your other questions.

People also pick us because we offer convenient hours, quality service, competitive pricing, superior technology, and great customer service. Call us at 888-666-1496 to schedule an upholstery appointment today.

J&B Cleaning also offers other residential and commercial services as well such as carpet cleaning, bacteria cleaning, air rug cleaning and air duct cleaning.

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Client Testimonials

"I have been using J&B Cleaning services for over twenty years. Their work has always been quality no matter the job. I had used their services for an oil burner puff back I had at my home. They assisted us immediately and took care of the soot damage as if it never happened. Years later we unfortunately had a leak from our gutters after a bad snow storm. Their restoration work was superior and most importantly they handled the paperwork required for the home owners insurance policy. As well they've cleaned our carpets over the years and despite having three dogs, they continue to appear brand new. I would recommend J&B Cleaning service whole heartedly."


"Any organization could benefit from having J&B as part of their emergency response plan. The Bank’s relationship goes back many years and they have helped our organization on a number of occasions. In every occasion the representatives from J&B were on site or in action within hours. They have the equipment, expertise and experience to deal with any number of emergencies. "


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